Charles Bridge

мосты праги1

Charles Bridge (length 522 meters, width 10 meters) -through Vltava River in the Middle Ages connects the two shores of Prague: Old Town and Mala Strana.

«Florenc» Bus Station

Прага Автовокзал Флоренц

«Florenc» Bus Station  — the largest in Czech Republic Bus transport terminal with urban, suburban and intercity bus service. Close Metro Station Florenc (В,С lines), Tram Station № 8, 24 «Florenc».

Closest to the»Florenc» Bus Station are apartments: Vaclavske Namesti 29Nekazanka 12Charvatova 10.


Prague Main Railway Station – Hlavni Nadrazi

Прага Центральный Железнодорожный Вокзал

Prague Main Railway Station – Hlavni Nadrazi it is the largest railway Station in Prague.  From Here departing  Czech high-speed trains — «Pendolino». More

Prague Airport, Letiste Vaclava Havla Praha

Прага Аэропорт Вацлава Гавела

Prague Airport, Letiste Vaclava Havla Praha  — located in Prague 6 area, «Ruzyně» .


Czech Beer

Прага Мини Пивоварня

Czech beer — the best beer!

Shopping Center Tesco «MY narodni»

Прага Тэско Май

Shopping Center Tesco «MY narodni» — huge mall multibrand direction. Compares favorably with a wide range of products is quite affordable prices. On the sixth floor, you can buy More

Shopping Center PALLADIUM

Прага Палладиум Торговый Центр

Shopping Center PALLADIUM It’s : 280 shops, boutiques, many restaurants and cafes with Italian or Indian cuisine, not to mention the Czech ..


National Museum `Narodni muzeum`

Прага Национальный Музей

National Museum `Narodni muzeum` — the largest museum in the Czech Republic. Founded in the late 19th century. The height of the building near the More

Prague Astronomical Clock, Prarsky orloj

Прага Астрономические Часы Орлой

Prague Astronomical Clock, Prarsky orloj. The clock shows the years, months, days and hours, the time of sunrise and sunset, sunrise and moonset, and the position of the signs More

Old Town Square

Прага Староместская Площадь

Old Town Square `Staromestske namesti` — center and the Old Town Square, where in the Middle Ages was More

Prague Castle — `Prazsky Hrad`

Прага Пражский Град

Prague Castle — `Prazsky Hrad` (List UNECKO, Guinness Book of Records) the world’s largest palace complex acting. We recommend getting there by 12 noon on Sunday.


Wenceslas Square

Прага Вацлавская Площадь

Wenceslas Square Vaclavske namesti ( Vаclavаk ) — In the Middle Ages «Horse Market», the venue of the People’s Assembly, now more like a boulevard, where large hotels, shops, restaurants, boutiques. Is the main area of ​​the New Town, Prague 01. More

Maisel Synagogue

Прага Майселова Синагога

Maisel Synagogue built in the 16th century on the money Mordechai Maisel and fanned by many legends and giving. Rebuilt after a fire in 1689, it is the oldest and most beautiful synagogue in Europe. Closest (2 minutes walk) to the Maisel Synagogue are apartments: Zatecka 8.

The Old-New Synagogue

Прага Старо-Новая Синагога

The Old-New Synagogue (Staronova synagoga).  Was built in the 13th century in the Gothic style. And representing a Jewish example of rational thought.The old synagogue was destroyed not completely, and that was to leave the construction of a new, more spacious and beautiful. Hence the name. Closest (4 minutes walk) to the Old-New Synagogue are apartments: Zatecka 8.

Paris Street — `Parizska ulice`

Прага Парижская Улица

Paris Street — `Parizska ulice`  located in the heart of the Jewish district Josefov. Was founded by Jewish immigrants from ancient times and was the most densely populated streets of Prague. More

Franciscan Garden

Прага Францисканский Сад

Franciscan Garden (Frantiskanska zahrada). Located in the heart of Prague, close (in yards) c Wenceslas Square. More

  • Антонина, Светлана Москва on Mietwohnungen in Prag: Stube, Schlafzimmer und BalkonЧасто ездим в Прагу и раньше жила и в 3 и 4-звездочных отелях, но в аппартаментах первый раз! И это оказалось восхитительно! А эти вообще самые лучшие, да еще и за такую цену! Чисто, тихо, спокойно, неназойливо. Расположены действительно центрее некуда, Вацлавак в 10 минутах, Теско с супермаркетом в 10

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